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We specialize in global telemedicine, assisting flight crews with medical training, equipment, advisory and guidance in emergency situations.

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A medical emergency at thirty thousand feet is a challenge beyond the ordinary, and a confident partner to consult is often the key to a successful outcome. That is why we, in addition to our On Call service, provide the flight crew with the necessary and required equipment as well as training tailored to the needs of the staff – always in line with national and international best practice guidelines. Our business model is simple. We guarantee cost-effective services customized to your needs, offering flexible deliveries and arrangements regarding equipment and training – without tampering with quality and availability.

Our services includes:

  • Unlimited and free emergency calls to our service center.
  • A flexible subscription you can pause when the aircraft is not in service.
  • Possibility to use current medical kits during an initial period.
  • Web based education and training.
  • Free subscription during current agreement period.


Emergency Responce Center

Lifelink’s Emergency Responce Center is equipped with the latest technology and staffed with experienced professionals 24/7, every day of the year. We provide full access to licensed healthcare professionals answering medical questions and guiding the caller in all emergency situations by phone, satellite, HF-radio or video link. The service is used whenever the client needs medical services with fast availability. That is why Lifelink always is in sync with the caller’s previous training and available equipment.

Training & Equipment

The training and equipment we provide cover EASA and IATA guidelines for first aid and emergency medical response onboard aircrafts. We always tailor the medical training to meet the demands of small and large fleets, both nationally and internationally.

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Aviation kits


The AFAK (Aircraft First Aid Kit) includes training and equipment for intermediate medical and trauma life support. The AFAK-systems contains emergency OTC/Rx medications.


The EMK (Emergency Medical Kit) includes training and equipment for advanced medical and trauma life support. The EMK-systems contains emergency OTC/Rx medications.

specialized aviation kits

We also provide other specialized aviation kits such as: AED-kits (Automatic External Defibrillator), PMK:s (Pediatric Medical Kits), UPK:s (Universal Precaution Kit), VLAK (Very Light Aviation Kit), AAMK:s (Advanced Aviation Medical Kits).

Quality assurance

As a national certified healthcare provider in Sweden, we can assure that we always provide the best possible care.

All doctors, nurses, paramedics, medics and operators are well trained in topside assistance and general operations to be able to provide the best possible support there is. We tailor the training and education to our clients’ needs – always according to current rules and regulations in the specific area, region and/or country. The operational directions within the organization are developed with area specific experts who work in close collaboration with our board of medical directors. The board consist of medical and rescue specialists as well as our own medical director and head of operations.

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Lifelink On Call is owned by Livtjänst Sverige AB – founded in 2006 and specialized in on-site medical services and solutions as well as rescue operations. Working with Livtjänst has given us operational experience in staffing projects both nationally and internationally, providing clients with everything from paramedics and medical doctors to ambulances, field clinics and various rescue units.

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