Saving lives where others can’t.

Helicopter flying away into a sunset

We believe that the chance of surviving an accident shouldn’t be dependent on where it happens.

Lifelink was founded to save lives where others can’t – whether it’s through real-time assistance or by providing necessary medical equipment. We offer On Call medical services, medical equipment and lifesaving education for the aviation,  maritime and energy industries. This means that wherever our clients are, they have access to medical guidance and emergency services every minute of the hour – every day of the year.

We can’t control when, where or if accidents happen – but we can promise that the location isn’t going to be a problem.

Our only concern is our clients’ safety, wanting them to be able to feel safe no matter where they are. That’s why being flexible – adjusting our expertise, equipment and services after our clients’ demands and needs – is a crucial part of what we do. By working in this way, we’re able to scale up or down depending on our clients’ needs.

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